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Q. I registered on but have not received the email with the confirmation link.

A. Sometimes the email with confirmation link is filtered by the email service as spam. If the correct email id was provided and you have not received the email, please check the spam folder. To prevent this from happening again, please add the email id to your contacts list.

Q I just registered on I don't see anything on the Dashboard, Groups/Teams or Tournament page. Why is that?

A You will only see teams listed in the Groups/Teams page under Teams section - 

i. If you create or follow a team
ii. If you are a player in a team

You will only see groups under the Groups section in the Groups/Teams page -
i. If you have created a group
ii. If someone has added you in a group.

You will only see Tournaments in the Tournaments page -
i. If you have created a tournament or are following a tournament

You will only see matches in the Dashboard section -
i. If you follow a match
ii If you are assigned as scorer for a match

Q I have created a tournament but don’t know how to invite the teams or cannot find team(s) to invite

A In the Step 2 of the tournament creation process, you can search for existing teams and invite them to the tournament. 

If you have searched for the correct team and yet you cannot find the team, the team does not exist in ReedyScore. Please request the captain or any contact person of the team to register and create the team on ReedyScore.

Q I have created a team but am not able to add team members

A To add team members you first need to create a Group and then add players to the group. You also need an invitation to participate in a tournament from the organizer.
After you have completed both the steps mentioned above, go to the “Groups/Teams” page. Click on the link “Manage Players” for the team for which you need to add players. You will be able to select players from a group you have created before.

Q I organized a tournament last time and used ReedyScore for the entire tournament. I am organizing the same tournament again. Do I need to go through the whole process of creating the same tournament again?

A You will need to click on the link “Create tournament” but you do not need to enter all the fields again. In the field “Import from”, you may choose the tournament you previously created on ReedyScore. All the text fields will automatically be populated with values from the previous tournament. You may change any values in the fields. You will need to invite the teams again.

Q Is it required to have different users create tournament and teams?

A No, a single user can create the tournament, groups and teams and assign oneself as the scorer.
Otherwise one person may create the tournament. Each team can be created by a different user and a different user can be assigned as a scorer

Q Which is a better option to score - website or mobile app?

A Both website and mobile apps have the same features and the are integrated with the application in the same manner. There is no difference in scoring from website or mobile app.

Q I have gone through the “How it Works” section but need some more guidance on how to use the website.

You can use the Contact Us page and provide a description of your request along with your email id and someone will contact you.

Q Can I create tournament, groups and teams from the mobile app.

No, To create or edit a tournament or group or team you have to visit The mobile app does not have this feature.

Q How can I suggest new features for ReedyScore?

A First of all thank you for the suggestions. Please use the Contact Us page to provide details of the suggestions or feature you would like us to incorporate in ReedyScore and someone will contact you. Please make sure that you provide an email id with the description.

Q I organize tournament regularly and would like to develop a website similar to ReedyScore just for my tournament.

A Please use the Contact Us page and provide a short description of the website you need and we will contact you on how we can proceed with building your website.

Q I do not wish to score during a match but would like to enter scores for a match.

A. There are two options available to a user assigned as a scorer for a match. Ball by Ball option will let you enter scores for each ball for the entire match. Direct Score entry is an option where the complete scoreboard is entered directly. Features such as wagon wheel, commentary will not be available for direct score entry. Direct score can be entered any time after the match.