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How it works



Getting Started

Signing Up and Player Profile

Create Tournament

Create a Group and a Team

Scoring For a Match

Other Features


Sign Up

  • Signup and set up a user profile and a player profile. A player profile will be visible to all users. It will display the player statistics if the user has played any matches.
  • When a Team Admin adds a player by providing email id of the player, the player can update the player profile and a picture. 

Create Team and Tournament:

  • Team leaders or team captains can create a Contact List first. Contact List is a list of players that can later be imported into a Team. 
  • A Team leaders first creates all Teams participating in the Tournament. Players can be added to the team directly or by importing a Contact List.
  • Tournament Organizer then creates a Tournament. While doing so, Tournament Organizer will be able to search and add Teams to the Tournament. 
  • If a team is created by a different user, the Team Admin will receive an invite when the Tournament Organizer adds the team to the Tournament.  
  • Among other things, Tournament Organizer creates fixture of matches for the participating teams.

Other Features

  • Search for Team, Tournament, Player and Match
  • To follow a Team, Tournament, Player or a Match, click on the yellow follow icon   in the search results
  • A followed match will appear on the Dashboard
  • A followed team will appear on the Teams page
  • A followed tournament will appear on the Tournaments page
  • A followed match, team and tournament will have the yellow follow icon  selected in the Dashboard, Groups/Teams and Tournament

Sample Tournament page, Team page and Player profile


  • Sign up at the home page to receive a confirmation email. Upon confirmation, user will be able to login to
  • User may also do a facebook assisted registration. On signing up with facebook, information like Name, Birthday, Gender, Email address is imported automatically and used for user registration.
  • User can also set up the user’s player profile. Player profile consists of fields Playing Role, Batting Style, Bowling style and a description.
  • When the user is associated as a player with any match, the player statistics will also be displayed underneath the player profile fields.
  • A player profile will be visible to all users on logging in.

Note: Emails sent by ReedyScore may end up in your spam folder. Please add the sender in your contacts to have the emails sent to your Inbox 

Dashboard page displays

  • Matches assigned to the user for scoring
  • Matches the user is following
  • Matches having user as a player

Teams page displays

  • Teams having the user as an admin
  • Teams the user is following
  • Teams having user as a player
  • Contact Lists created by the user

Tournament page displays

  • Tournaments having the user as an admin
  • Tournament the user is following
  • Tournaments having user as a player
  • Tournaments having the user as a scorer 
  • Tournaments having the user as admin for one more teams

Public Pages

  • A user need not sign-in to ReedyScore to view Tournament Home, Team Home and Match Scoreboard making it easier to share them
  • User will need to sign-in to view a Player Profile


  • Click on Create Tournament
  • Enter name of the tournament and other general details like number of teams, overs, entry fees etc
  • Upload  pdf docs for the Registration process, Tournament Rules and FAQs
  • Add organizers details
  • Search for teams and invite
    • Teams should exist before a tournament organizer can add or invite them
    • If user who creates a Team is different from user who creates the Tournament, the invited team’s admin receives a notification and an email with link to accept the invitation
    • After Team Admin accepts the invite to form teams, a tournament organizer can create a schedule of matches for those teams
  • Create and add venues
  • Add awards
  • Create groups for a tournament e.g. Group A, Group B, and assign teams to groups
  • Search and add or create and add umpires to a tournament
  • Search and add scorers to a tournament. Assigned scorers can enter scores for a match. Scorers may choose to enter scores either ball by ball or full scorecard
  • Create schedule. Schedule can be created only after teams have accepted
  • While creating a new tournament, a user can import details of an existing tournament for which the user is an Tournament Organizer.


Create a Contact List

  • Click on Create Contact List
  • Enter a name for the Contact List and add players to it

Create a Team

  • Click on Create Team
  • Enter a name, upload pictures for team logo and team outfit
  • Add manager, coach and admin for the team

Add Players to a Team

  • Add players directly to the team or by importing from a Contact List 
  • To change availability of an existing player, use the Manage Player feature
  • Click Manage Player, and then click on Tournament name against the Team name in the Teams page
  • Select players to be added or removed from the the team participating in the Tournament selected in the previous step.



  • During tournament set up, scorers (name and email id of the person scoring) are added to a Tournament by the Tournament Admin. A user should be registered in ReedyScore before being assigned as a scorer for a match (Dummy user will not work)
  • While creating a tournament schedule, one of the added scorers is then assigned to a match by the Tournament Organizer
  • User assigned as a scorer will have the match listed in the Dashboard
  • Click on the blue scorer icon
  • Click on the enter score icon
  • Select playing eleven for both teams
  • For the team batting first, define the order of batsmen for team batting first. Then select captain, vice-captain and wicket keeper
  • For the team batting second, define the order of batsmen for team batting first. Then select captain, vice-captain and wicket keeper
  • Match details such as toss, umpires are reviewed and changed if required. Match status is selected
  • Type of scoring is selected from either Ball by Ball or Direct Score. Ball by ball scoring or direct scorecard entry is initiated for the first innings

Ball by Ball scoring

  • Details such as striker, non-striker, bowler, over and ball number, wagon wheel is recorded along with the play for every ball
  • For most situations changes like swapping striker and non-striker, incrementing ball number is automatic. Scorer can make changes to the automatic entries in the fields
  • All the stats are consolidated automatically by the application

Direct Score

  • Consolidated runs, wickets and other information is entered for batsmen and bowlers
  • Stats are consolidated automatically by the application
  • At the end of the first innings, click the ‘End Innings’ button to end the first innings and to initiate ball by ball scoring for the second innings
  • At the end of the second innings, click the ‘End Innings’ button. A window opens with the result pre-selected. User may enter match summary and click on ‘End Match’ button on the window

Note for scorer: It is advisable that the scorer reviews the entries for every ball. It is important that the scorer waits for the play to be completed and then records the correct information. Though some corrections are possible for information recorded in previous overs, but not all information can be changed.

Edit Previous Delivery:

  • Scorer can edit information recorded in an earlier over
  • Click on Edit Previous Delivery in the score entry screen
  • Select the over and then click on the ball to be edited. Click Load. This will load the selected ball in the score entry screen
  • Record the new information for that ball and click Save. This will close the edit previous feature and bring the application back to the next ball to be recorded


  • User assigned as scorer can enter awards for the match. The awards are set up by the Tournament Organizer while creating the Tournament
  • Click on the blue scorer icon  on the dashboard and select awards icon that appears below
  • Select the award type, team name and the player name then click Save


Icons and Filters

  • Player icon:  shows the role of the user as a player for the match or team or tournament
  • Scorer icon:  shows the role of the user as a scorer for the match or team or tournament
  • Follow icon:  shows that the user is following the match or team or tournament
  • Team admin icon:  shows the role of the user as a team admin for the team
  • Tournament Organizer icon:  shows the role of the user as a tournament organizer for the tournament
  • To apply a filter, click on the icons in the filter section e.g. On clicking on Tournament Organizer icon in the filter section in the Tournaments page will display all the tournaments for which the user is tournament organizer


Statistics are automatically computed by the application at the following levels:

  • Tournament Statistics
  • Team Statistics
  • Player Statistics

Notifications and Emails

Following notifications are received via email and in the web applications. User may choose to accept it or ignore it:

  • Invitation by Tournament Organizer to form teams
  • Notification to add a player in a team
  • Invitation for Scoring

Note: Emails sent by ReedyScore may end up in your spam folder. Please add the sender in your contacts to have the emails sent to your Inbox

Facebook Integration

  • Use facebook id to enter comments on Tournament Home, Team Home, Player profile and Match scoreboard or share them